Life Beyond Recovery

Life Beyond Recovery

Stories of recovery and triumph from eating disorder survivors.

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    Amy Prabaharan on Self-Care and Staying Motivated

    Amy is a Sri Lankan-American pre-med student at the University of San Francisco. She struggled with Anorexia, partially as a result of crippling perfectionism. She struggled for several years before she had to leave school and go into intensive treatment. In this interview she discusses her self-care routine, tips for staying motivated, and practical tools you can use to forward your own recovery.

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    Kellie Grigg on Being an Athlete with an Eating Disorder and Releasing Control

    Kellie Grigg was a D-1 collegiate runner whose passion for the sport and pursuit of athletic achievement spiraled into an unhealthy obsession with exercise and ‘clean eating’. Recovering from her eating disorder required her to untangle the qualities that contributed to her success on the track from those that manifested in her eating behaviors.

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    Brandilyn Tebo on Weight Restoration and Making a Difference

    Brandilyn Tebo is a transformational coach and retreat leader who struggled with Anorexia during her years as a model. In this interview she talks openly about her experience with weight restoration, and how shifting the focus into making a difference for others helped make her recovery possible.

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    Sarah Worthy on Therapy and Learning How to Not Give a F*ck

    Sarah is a tech entrepreneur and mother who struggled with an eating disorder for years. In this interview she discusses the benefits of therapy, and many of the lessons she learned along the road to healing.

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